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ASKiN Co., Ltd.

ASKiN provides doctors and patients digital health services thorugh medical technology. We focus on the actual pain points and experiences under the digital health era between medical practioners and patients. Based on what we discovered, we brings out innovation solutions by utilizing AI, ICT and other technologies.


Our Solutions

ASKiN, a professional and experienced cross-disiplinary team, is led by professor Yu-Chuan Jack Li — the pioneer of artificial intelligence in medicine and translational biomedical informatics. The team dismantles complex communication and process problems between medical praticioners and patients. No matter the level of the medical facilities, business health, or individual health prevention and monitoring, the team is capable to come up with effective and long-term grounding products and services.

Our Service

Medical Referral Service

Help overseas patients make the treatment happened in Taiwan. Systematically refer Southeast Aisa patients with further medical needs to Taiwan medical facilities, aiming at promote advanced health check and critical illness treatment package.
  • Integrate Resources of Taiwan's International Medicine
  • Arrange Medical Intinerary
  • Surgical Follow-Up and Care After Returning Home

Telemedicine - Online Doctor Consultation

Consult with Taiwanese Doctors in Southeat Aisa! Online doctor consultation services are provided by experienced Taiwanese Medical Specialists, including one-to-one or group consultaion plan. The team breaks through the limitation of the medical field and provide a complete digital health services through integrating hardware and software.
  • Establish and Integrate Digital Health Platform
  • Provide Medical Support for Overseas Chinese and for Those on Business Trip
  • Extend Application of Medical Field on Telemedicine Devices
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AI Assessment Tool

Utilize Deep Convolutional Neural Network(DCNN), combining lesion images and medical history, as the foundation of development.
  • Develop and Layout Algorithms for Medical Imaging
  • Build Models for Diagnosing, Monitoring, and Identifying Chronic Diseases
  • Forecast and Analyse Health Condition for Individual and Group

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